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One of the most singular characteristics of the del Perugino Book of Hours concerns the miniature by Perugino on folio 132v, the only one that bears the signature of the artist at the bottom: “Petrus P[e]rusinus pinxit”. As Peter Kidd observes in the Commentary volume, the miniature, currently detached from the manuscript, depicts The Martyrdom of St Sebastian, but there are no prayers or other texts in the manuscript that directly concern this saint and the decoration that frames the page has nothing in common with the others in the rest of the book.

This leads one to suppose that the patron had purchased the miniature in order to have it added to the manuscript, even though this latter did not contain an adequate setting for the work. Since Amico Aspertini’s miniature of the Adoration of the Shepherds is in the wrong place in relation to the text (as it should follow, and not precede, the Nativity), it is reasonable to suppose that the miniatures were made separately from the rest of the volume, also in view of the considerable differences in the dimensions. In the facsimile edition, the miniature by Perugino was set back in its original position, thus reproducing the order of the manuscript as desired by its patron.

La Pagina del Perugino
La Pagina del Perugino

La pagina del Perugino
La pagina del Perugino

L'artista più illustre impegnato nella decorazione del libro d'Ore del Perugino è senza dubbio il Perugino.

la legatura
La legatura

La legatura del libro d'Ore del Perugino è un lavoro coevo di estrema complessità.

La vicenda del codice
Le vicende del codice

Dopo essere appartenuto agli inizi del XVI secolo alla famiglia bolognese del Perugino.